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'We're not leaving!’ Hundreds take to streets in DC in defiance of curfew order as protests rage on

'We're not leaving!’ Hundreds take to streets in DC in defiance of curfew order as protests rage on
Large crowds of demonstrators have gathered around various locations in Washington DC, disregarding a curfew now in effect in the capital, as nationwide unrest over police brutality continues across dozens of cities.

Facing off with armor-clad riot police and National Guardsmen outside of the White House on Tuesday, the protest has by all indications remained peaceful, following days of riots, looting and arson around the city.

With the 7pm curfew now in effect, however, protesters that remain on the streets risk arrest.

Chanting “We're not leaving!” and “F**k your curfew,” many demonstrators have defied the 7pm deadline to continue protesting over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody last week, mirroring actions staged in countless other cities.

After another night of unrest on Monday, US President Donald Trump – who has repeatedly called for a more aggressive response to the rioting – tweeted that the capital was the “safest place on Earth last night,” as hundreds of police and military personnel line the streets to manage the ongoing protests.

The administration has come under fire for its handling of the unrest after Attorney General Bill Barr gave the order on Monday to have demonstrators forcefully cleared from Lafayette Park, near the White House, so the president could have a brief photo-op in front of St. John’s Church, which was vandalized on Sunday.

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