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30 May, 2020 08:49

Are WHITE SUPREMACISTS causing mayhem in Minneapolis? Minnesota governor says YES, citing unconfirmed reports and ‘suspicions’

Are WHITE SUPREMACISTS causing mayhem in Minneapolis? Minnesota governor says YES, citing unconfirmed reports and ‘suspicions’

The criminal activity that has rocked the streets of Minneapolis for four nights running could be partially the work of white supremacists, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has suggested, citing his own “suspicions.”

Walz shared his thoughts on the matter after a reporter asked him if he thought “white supremacists” were flooding into Minneapolis to “cause destruction in the city.”

“I certainly can’t confirm personally on this. My suspicions from what I’ve seen on this – yes,” he responded, noting that there were “unconfirmed reports” which corroborated his hunch.

The governor also said he was receiving intelligence from federal agencies about various elements, including drug cartels, trying to “take advantage of the chaos.” The claim caused considerable eye-rolling on social media, with people noting that vandalized buildings and businesses were tagged with anarchist symbols, “black lives matter” and anti-police slogans – not exactly the usual fare from white supremacists.

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Some commentators have been arguing that the protests and rioting in Minneapolis and across the United States have been at least partly coordinated by Antifa and other far-left groups.

It appears that Walz believes the worst is yet to come. In anticipation of larger protests on Saturday, the National Guard is expected to deploy an estimated 1,700 troops – 700 more than originally planned.

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