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29 May, 2020 00:09

FBI seeks more proof of ‘criminal excessive force’ in George Floyd killing as outraged public demands immediate arrests

FBI seeks more proof of ‘criminal excessive force’ in George Floyd killing as outraged public demands immediate arrests

The FBI and local prosecutors say they need more evidence before they can file charges against officers involved in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Angry residents claim investigators are dragging their feet.

While Minnesota officials said a “robust and meticulous” probe into Floyd’s death is underway at a press conference on Thursday, they noted the investigation still needed to show that the officers broke any laws, with Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman warning against any hasty indictments.

“I will not rush to justice, I’m going to do this right,” Freeman said, adding that the footage of Floyd’s last moments alive in police custody is “graphic and horrible,” but that investigators must “prove [the officer] violated a criminal statute, and there's other evidence that does not support a criminal charge.”

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The attorney referenced the 2015 police-involved killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, in which charges were brought quickly amid violent riots and resulted in no guilty verdicts for any of the officers implicated.

The special agent in charge of the Minnesota FBI field office, Rainer Drolshagen, also called on anyone present “before, during and after” Floyd’s death to come forward with information, adding that “no tip is too small.”

Despite the assurances of a quick and thorough probe, many critics online were convinced the video of Floyd’s death alone should justify indictments, while others warned Minneapolis would “continue to burn” thanks to the “inaction” of the authorities.

The unarmed African-American man died after a police encounter on Monday. A viral video showed an officer pinning the man to the ground with a knee to his neck, as Floyd complained of having trouble breathing. 

The incident has sparked widespread protests across the Twin Cities, which on Wednesday night erupted into full-blown riots, with scenes of vandalism, looting and arson. The unrest has since spread beyond Minneapolis, prompting Minnesota authorities to activate National Guard units to bring the situation under control.

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