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28 May, 2020 19:04

Battleground Minnesota: Disturbing VIDEOS show aftermath of violent riots over police killing of black man

Battleground Minnesota: Disturbing VIDEOS show aftermath of violent riots over police killing of black man

A night of rioting and looting has left multiple buildings torched and businesses ransacked in Minneapolis, after protests over the police killing of an unarmed black man escalated into violence.

Footage from the scene shows the scale of the destruction, with the city’s streets starting to resemble a war zone. On Wednesday night, multiple buildings across the city were set on fire, with smoke and fire still billowing from the ruins in the morning.

Some properties looked like they had been targeted by an air raid rather than violent protesters, with only their walls left standing.

Multiple stores have been stripped clean by the looters.

As well as stealing merchandise from the shelves, some looters were pictured breaking into ATMs, and even trying to crack open strongboxes.

The violence has been triggered by the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died at hands of police officers. The incident was captured by multiple bystanders on video, and footage showed a police officer pressing on Floyd’s neck with his knee, suffocating the man as he struggled to breathe.

Also on rt.com Minneapolis mayor calls on National Guard to tackle riots over police killing of black man

Following the night of looting, the city’s Mayor Jacob Frey called upon the state’s National Guard to be deployed to stop the chaos. At the same time, he called for the prosecution of the officer suspected of Floyd’s killing.

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