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Alex Jones threatens to EAT GLOBALISTS (and neighbors) to keep children from starving amid Covid-19 pandemic

Alex Jones threatens to EAT GLOBALISTS (and neighbors) to keep children from starving amid Covid-19 pandemic
InfoWars founder Alex Jones is trending on social media and making waves with critics, including his ex-wife, thanks to a video rant in which he says he’s ready to cannibalize his neighbors to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’ll admit it. I will eat my neighbors. I’m not letting my kids die. I’m just going to be honest,” Jones said during a live broadcast of his show this week. 

Jones continued to rant about having a “few years” worth of food stored up, but he doubled down on the promise to “eat” his neighbors should it come to that. 

“I’m literally looking at my neighbors now, going, ‘Am I ready to hang them up and gut them and skin them and chop them up?’ And you know what, I’m ready. My daughters aren’t starving to death. I’ll eat my neighbors,” Jones said.

Jones continued by saying “globalists” will be the first up on the menu.

And that's what I want the globalists to know — I will eat your a** first!

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The video is from an April 28 broadcast, but was posted to Twitter on Friday by Jones’ ex-wife, Kelly — with whom he has been in a custody battle with for years — who called the InfoWars host “homicidal” and “terrifying.”

Other reactions were a bit more lighthearted, but came with just as much shock. 

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro joked that Jones had broken the “Tenth Commandment,” which is “not to covet thy neighbor’s a**.”

In footage not included in the one-minute segment making its way around social media, Jones — who has been banned from platforms such as YouTube and Twitter — clarifies “for the courts” that he is “joking around” about cannibalism and would only resort to it to feed his children.

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