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24 Apr, 2020 16:32

Even Biden’s WIFE is rooting for Michelle Obama as VP (so who cares if the former First Lady doesn’t want it?)

Even Biden’s WIFE is rooting for Michelle Obama as VP (so who cares if the former First Lady doesn’t want it?)

Joe Biden’s wife Jill is the latest Democrat to openly wish for Michelle Obama to be on the 2020 ticket as her husband’s vice president – despite the fact that the former first lady appears to have zero interest in the job.

More and more Democrats are throwing their weight behind a 2020 Joe/Michelle ticket, only this time they want to see Obama playing second fiddle to Biden.

Even Biden has supported the idea, despite the fact that the former first lady has made it clear through her own writing that she has “no intention of running for office, ever.”

Dr Jill Biden gave in to the wishful thinking in a Friday interview on CNN’s ‘New Day.’

You know, I’d love it if Michelle would agree to it.

Though admitting Michelle Obama is likely to have “had it with politics,” Biden beamed at the possibility of her running for vice president, saying that Obama is “so good at everything she does.” 

Joe Biden himself has repeatedly spoken in favor of former first-lady Obama as a possible running mate, telling KDKA on Monday: “She’s brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman. The Obamas are great friends.”

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But the wishful thinking is likely tied more to a need for Biden to have a popular partner in the race – to offset his knack for bumbling speeches and going viral for gaffes – than anything to do with Michelle Obama, a woman who has never held public office or expressed an intention of doing so.

Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser in the Obama administration, confirmed this week that the former first lady has no interest.

“There just simply has never been a time when she’s expressed an interest in running for office,” she told The Hill. “She’s not demurring here. She’s not being hard-to-get. She doesn’t want the job.”

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