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8 Apr, 2020 16:29

Dennis Quaid breaks from Hollywood pack, praises Trump, faces immediate scorn

Dennis Quaid breaks from Hollywood pack, praises Trump, faces immediate scorn

Actor Dennis Quaid believes President Donald Trump is “doing a good job” handling the coronavirus — an opinion already earning him plenty of blowback as he stands out from the usual Hollywood leftist crowd.

In an interview with The Daily Beast meant to promote his upcoming podcast — ‘The Dennissance’ — actor Dennis Quaid found himself in a political argument where he was doing something almost no one in Hollywood does — defending the president.

The ‘Dragonheart’ star was asked about Trump’s response to the current pandemic because he is a “patient-safety advocate” who has produced numerous documentaries on healthcare, and even testified on Capitol Hill about the subject.

“I think he’s handling it in a good way,” Quaid said of Trump. Describing himself as an “independent” who has voted for both parties, the actor praised the president’s daily press briefings and said “the travel ban early on was a great idea.” 

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Quaid added that the coronavirus could “be an opportunity for the country to come together again,” similar to after World War II. 

The actor received pushback for his opinion in the interview, but he held his own, putting blame on China for responding too slowly to the virus, and states like New York for not being prepared enough with medical supplies, such as ventilators.

President Trump has plenty of vocal critics from the entertainment industry, and stars like James Woods have spoken about the difficulty in getting work if one expresses conservative ideas, so it’s no surprise Quaid’s interview has made a splash.

“And with that, I'm done with Dennis Quaid. He hath drunketh the KoolAid,” author Michele Wojciechowski tweeted

“Sigh, and I had thought Dennis Quaid was the good one. The hell with him, and the supposed 45% of Americans too stupid to recognize sociopathy when they see it,”added writer Arnold T. Blumberg. 

Quaid has also earned newfound support from conservatives for daring to stand out in the leftist crowd of Hollywood.

“This reporter is one of the most partisan in all of media ... and Quaid handles it all beautifully,” conservative pundit Christian Toto wrote in reaction to the interview. 

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