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What war crimes? Pompeo promises to ‘protect’ Americans from ‘renegade’ ICC probe into US military in Afghanistan

What war crimes? Pompeo promises to ‘protect’ Americans from ‘renegade’ ICC probe into US military in Afghanistan
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said Washington will take “all steps possible” to protect Americans from the International Criminal Court (ICC) approval of a probe into war crimes it allegedly committed in Afghanistan.

Speaking to the media in Washington, Pompeo called the ICC’s decision “reckless.” The US, he said, will take all measures necessary to protect US citizens “from this renegade, unlawful so-called court.”

The ICC, which is not recognized by the US government, approved a probe into alleged war crimes by the US and others on Thursday, in a move that could, for the first time, create potential legal repercussions for its 20-year-long occupation of Afghanistan.

Pompeo also claimed the US had evidence of efforts to provide “misinformation” to the ICC, but offered no details on the supposed evidence.

A panel of judges at The Hague reversed a previous decision not to open a formal investigation, which reportedly had been based on the assumption that the US would not cooperate.

In March 2019, Pompeo said the US would impose visa bans on ICC judges and investigators if they proceeded with the investigation into war crimes. The ICC said at that time it would continue its work “undeterred” by Washington’s lack of cooperation.

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In 2018, then national security adviser John Bolton threatened to sanction “any company or state that assists an ICC investigation of Americans.”

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