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4 Mar, 2020 03:38

Establishment Joe-mentum: Biden racks up Super Tuesday wins as party lines up behind him

Establishment Joe-mentum: Biden racks up Super Tuesday wins as party lines up behind him

Former vice president Joe Biden has carried the south in the Super Tuesday primaries for the Democrat presidential nomination, riding the wave of endorsements and support from the party establishment.

Exit polls and projections showed Biden poised to get the most delegates from Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Tennessee, as well as scoring surprise victories in Minnesota – where Sen. Amy Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed him on the eve of the primaries – and Massachusetts, the home state of another contender, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Biden is set to claim the ninth Super Tuesday victory in Texas, according to various projections. Liberal voters who made up their minds in recent days threw their weight behind the former VP, helping him to take the lead. Biden is also relatively well-positioned in Maine, although his near-peer opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is still only a couple of points behind.

His Super Tuesday victory lap – which liberal pundits quickly dubbed #JoeMentum – was somewhat tempered by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) who ran him close in Texas, Colorado, Maine, Utah and Vermont.

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Though Biden struggled in the early contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, his decisive victory in South Carolina and the apparent rise of Sanders triggered the Democrats into falling in line behind the establishment candidate. Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg suddenly dropped out and endorsed Biden, along with a number of other prominent Democrats – including top national security figures from the Obama administration.

Former FBI director James Comey and ex-CIA chief John Brennan were among the prominent Biden champions, along with national security adviser Susan Rice and Ambassador Samantha Power, all of whom stumped for their former vice-president ahead of the big primary.

Notably missing from Biden’s endorsements was Barack Obama himself, as well as 2016’s failed favorite Hillary Clinton.

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