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3 Mar, 2020 18:48

Donna doth protest too much? Brazile tells GOP chair to ‘go to hell’ for saying DNC would ‘rig’ convention against Sanders

Donna doth protest too much? Brazile tells GOP chair to ‘go to hell’ for saying DNC would ‘rig’ convention against Sanders

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile lashed out at GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after the latter said a brokered convention in July would be “rigged against” frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Brazile told her to “go to hell” – twice.

McDaniel told Fox News that it looked like the Democratic process was “leaning towards potentially a brokered convention which will be rigged against Bernie if those superdelegates have their way.”

A brokered convention scenario would occur if Sanders secures a plurality of delegates, but not an outright majority. This would allow ‘superdelegates’ more control over the chosen candidate – and Sanders could lose out to a candidate more palatable to party top dogs, even if he won more primaries and overall votes.

Asked to comment on McDaniel’s assessment, Brazile – who joined Fox News as a contributor last year – let loose in a fiery rant, warning Republicans to “stay the hell out of our race.” 

Brazile said she was “sick and tired” of Republicans commenting on the Democratic Party’s process of selecting a presidential nominee and accused McDaniel of using “Russian talking points to sow division” among Americans. 

“So Ronna, go to hell,” she fumed, prompting a “woah!” from Fox host Ed Henry. But Brazile doubled down: “No, go to hell, I'm tired of it, Ed.”

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She then insisted the DNC was “not trying to prevent anyone from becoming the nominee” and said the idea that Democrats were trying to put “hurdles or roadblocks” against one candidate is “stupid.” If McDaniel has any, she can “show the proof,” Brazile added.

The notion of rigging the Democratic primary against Sanders was evidently a touchy subject for Brazile, given it emerged in 2016 that she had personally passed debate questions directly to Hillary Clinton to save her from being “blindsided” on stage – a “mistake” which cost Brazile her role as a CNN contributor.

Leaked emails that year exposed that senior Democrats were indeed working against Sanders – and the scandal even led to the resignation of party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Sanders supporters are increasingly worried that top Democrats are coordinating and coalescing around former VP Joe Biden in an effort to ensure that anti-establishment Sanders is not the nominee – and despite Brazile’s denials, there appears to be some solid evidence to back up the theory. Moderates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race within hours of each other on Monday – and both immediately endorsed Biden. 

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Ironically, when she joined Fox News last year, Brazile said her decision was “rooted in the belief” that you can't reach compromise “without first listening to, and understanding those who disagree with you on critical issues.”

It seems, however, that this cordiality doesn’t extend to conversations about Bernie Sanders or the Democratic primary process. 

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