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25 Jan, 2020 01:22

US Space Force logo may look like a Star Trek rip-off, but only if you miss the obvious ‘RUSSIAN connection’

US Space Force logo may look like a Star Trek rip-off, but only if you miss the obvious ‘RUSSIAN connection’

With the launch of a new logo for the US Space Force, cadets might think they’ve signed up to serve the Federation of Planets of Star Trek lore, but internet sleuths have uncovered another hidden connection – to Moscow, of course.

President Donald Trump rolled out the fresh logo in a tweet on Friday, immediately triggering comparisons to the iconic sci-fi series and its fictional space force, Starfleet. The similarities were hard to miss.

“Sure the Space Force and Star Trek have the same logo but everyone knows Star Trek has all sorts of time travel going on,” one user said, providing some plausible deniability. “Obviously they went back in time and stole it. That's why Trump is suing Captain Kirk.”

George Takei – who played Mr Sulu in the original Star Trek series in the 1960s, now a vocal critic of the president – also weighed in, chastising the copycats behind the new logo.

With all eyes on Starfleet, however, some netizens dug a layer deeper and discovered another possible inspiration for the new symbol, albeit a non-fictional one.

“Actually has anyone compared the US Space Force logo with the Russian Space Force logo? They both have that pointy spaceship thing in the middle,” one user observed.

Amid the frenzy of comparisons, another commenter urged calm, pointing out that a similar “pointy spaceship thing” has been used in various iterations in logos for space agencies around the world, including NASA.

The new logo is not the first time Space Force has drawn mockery on the internet. After introducing its new uniform last week – featuring a green woodland camouflage pattern – it wasn’t long before the jokes started flying, with many wondering how forest camo would conceal America’s new astro-troopers against the black expanse of space. However on that count, instead of taking another note from Starfleet, with its fluorescent uniforms, it might be prudent to return to the drawing board.

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