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18 Jan, 2020 04:11

Woodland camo in space, you sure? US Space Force roasted online after it premiers first-ever uniform

Woodland camo in space, you sure? US Space Force roasted online after it premiers first-ever uniform

US President Donald Trump’s recently inaugurated Space Force has faced a torrent of mockery online after it unveiled its brand new woodland-patterned camouflage uniform, raising quite a few eyebrows.

The US Space Force, Trump’s beloved brainchild and now one of the eight uniformed services in the country, has finally got its own gear.

“The first #SpaceForce utility uniform nametapes have touched down in the Pentagon,” the newest branch of the US military tweeted, accompanying the message with a photo of what appears to be a standard US Army woodland camo jacket, sporting a US Space Force patch on its sleeve. 

The lack of creativity was not lost on netizens, who immediately pounced on the oddball fashion choice, some arguing there was no need for camouflage in space at all.

Others noted that if such a need arises (say, in the event of a brazen alien attack), the pattern chosen is ill-suited for the task – hiding troops from enemy eyes – since there are no forests in space, at least as far as we know.

There were also those who put forward their own ideas – one suggesting a black, star-studded uniform.

With Trump’s Space Force being compared to Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), nicknamed ‘Star Wars,’ a witty commenter suggested that Star Trek uniforms might have been a more logical choice.

A few lone defenders of the concept argued that it would have been more expensive for the Space Force to come up with a completely new design, instead of simply reusing a default template.

Others cast doubt on that logic, however, as the Pentagon, with its mammoth budget, has rarely been accused of playing Scrooge with its expenditure, burning through billions of tax dollars on such urgently needed items as $640 toilet seats and $7,600 coffee makers.

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Truth be told, some were quite excited about the outfit. Another US military branch – the US Navy – suggested the force's uniforms were “out of this world”.

Perhaps it’s easier to find the woods when one is closer to the ground.

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