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9 Jan, 2020 01:39

ABC takes advantage of Iran conflict to FINALLY screen Epstein story… 3 years late

ABC takes advantage of Iran conflict to FINALLY screen Epstein story… 3 years late

TV network ABC is finally broadcasting a long-delayed exposé on notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein – and it only took 3 years, a Project Veritas investigation, and an inquiry from Congress about the shelving of the segment.

“Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein” is due to air Thursday on ABC, the network tweeted on Wednesday, as the country stood poised on the brink of war with Iran and one might assume relatively few eyes were on the Epstein saga – for once.

James O’Keeffe of Project Veritas was quick to take credit for the long-suppressed footage seeing daylight – assuming, of course, the special ABC plans to broadcast bears any resemblance to the investigation by anchor Amy Robach that was mysteriously spiked by network management three years ago.

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In November, the conservative muckraker published a hot-mic tape of Robach ranting about ABC’s suppression of her work, revealing the network had been sitting on a bombshell.

Robach had interviewed Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, who supposedly implicated former president Bill Clinton, the UK’s Prince Andrew, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and other big names – with photographic proof – and found other women to back up her story, long before the Miami Herald investigation that reopened the case in December 2018.

The news that the network had spiked such a significant investigation reverberated all the way up through Congress. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) wrote to ABC requesting a copy of the interview with Roberts, as well as information about why (and by whom) the story was killed. In a letter co-signed by two of McCarthy’s fellow Republicans, he excoriated the network for prioritizing “financial interests” and “outside forces” over getting to the bottom of Epstein’s (alleged) human trafficking operation.

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The news that an Epstein special – perhaps the fabled Robach special (though the clips ABC posted tellingly included no trace of the anchor) was finally going to grace the network’s airwaves provoked excitement and trepidation on social media.

Many assumed the network had been in overdrive since Veritas dropped the hot-mic tape, editing the material to expunge any awkward revelations. Just the leak of the Robach tape provoked a mad scramble at the network to find and exile the leaker, leading to the firing of an innocent woman from a rival network.

Others guessed they would still find some way not to broadcast it. The well-connected sex offender may be dead, but his secrets are very much alive, after all.

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