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‘OK boomer’: Biden attempt to roast Trump on Twitter unites left and right in mockery

‘OK boomer’: Biden attempt to roast Trump on Twitter unites left and right in mockery
Conservatives and liberals found rare common ground in mocking the Twitter game of former Vice-President and current Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, after he tried to accuse President Donald Trump of corruption.

“Corruption is Donald Trump’s middle name,” Biden tweeted out on Friday, following that up with a plea for $5 donations to oust the “most corrupt president in modern American history.”

This prompted Ken Klippenstein, a journalist with the progressive outlet The Young Turks, to post a screenshot of a February story about social media executives advising Biden on how to reach younger voters – and Friday’s tweet as the implied fruit of this collaboration.

More responses swiftly poured in, with “OK boomer” and “How do you do fellow kids” meme being among the most popular. 

“Don't post cringe bro,” one Twitter user suggested, asking a $100,000 fee for the advice. “Wait until you see his TikTok and SnapChat game,” quipped another. 

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The Louisiana fans of another contender for the Democratic nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders, slid into the responses to poke fun at Biden’s use of “malarkey,” a term for nonsense dating back to the 1920s. 

Retired Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, 85, also got in on the mockery, proclaiming that with zingers like that, “it's hard to believe that Joe Biden is losing ground to the boy mayor and a couple of septuagenarian communists” – referring to Pete Buttigieg, Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), all currently ahead of Biden in the Iowa polls.

Democrats accused Trump of corruption and launched impeachment proceedings against the president, claiming he conditioned military aid to Ukraine on a corruption probe into the gas company Burisma. The company paid millions of dollars to Biden’s son Hunter while his father was in charge of Ukraine policy, and the former vice-president had boasted at an event about demanding the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who just happened to be investigating Burisma at the time.

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