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26 Oct, 2019 00:54

‘Booty Giuliani?’ Trump’s attorney becomes butt of jokes online after pocket-dialing NBC reporter

‘Booty Giuliani?’ Trump’s attorney becomes butt of jokes online after pocket-dialing NBC reporter

Critics of President Donald Trump and his lawyer unleashed a barrage of snark on social media after an NBC reporter revealed Rudy Giuliani pocket-dialed him twice, putting the former mayor at the rear end of countless jokes.

On the night of October 16, Giuliani unwittingly phoned NBC’s Rich Shapiro – known by term of art as a “butt dial” – leaving three minutes of a conversation with an unidentified associate as a voicemail. While much of the recording lacks context, and some sections are difficult to make out, Giuliani is clearly heard planning deals overseas, and at one point complains about a lack of funds.

As the two men discussed business dealings in Bahrain – where Giuliani advises the government as a security consultant – the president’s lawyer stressed the need to get in touch with a man identified only as “Robert,” stating “the problem is we need some money… We need a few hundred thousand.” It is not clear what, or whom, he was referring to, however.

Soon after the mysterious gaffe went public, dozens took to social media to lob wisecracks at Giuliani’s expense, regaling other netizens with their best butt jokes.

One commenter, following President Trump’s lead in doling out insulting nicknames to his critics, devised a new moniker for the attorney, christening him “Booty Giuliani.”

While his top half is unlikely to join their ranks anytime soon, another tweeter invited Giuliani’s backside to defect to the #Resistance.

Some users took the story in a creative direction, with one dressing her dog as the butt-dialing lawyer for Halloween, sure to earn awards for most frightening costume.

The unfortunate call wasn’t the only time Giuliani’s posterior landed him in trouble. He phoned the same NBC reporter in another inadvertent call just 18 days earlier, leaving a voicemail in which he is heard dishing on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine.

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