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‘It was meant to happen that way,’ says driver who saved family from getting MOWED DOWN in viral VIDEO

‘It was meant to happen that way,’ says driver who saved family from getting MOWED DOWN in viral VIDEO
An Arizona woman has told reporters that she doesn’t consider herself to be a hero after her car successfully redirected a red-light-running Jeep that was mere seconds away from hitting a family of three on a crosswalk.

The Phoenix Police Department posted dramatic video of the incident earlier this week.

A couple was calmly crossing the road on their way to a grocery store, while pushing a stroller with their 11-month-old son. A speeding SUV ran a red light, and was heading straight for the couple. The vehicle would have likely mowed down the entire family if it wasn’t for a Chevrolet Cruze that collided with the SUV, pushing it away at the last moment.

“An angel in the form of a Chevy Cruz may have saved the lives of a couple,” the police tweeted. The video went viral with people calling the sudden appearance of the second car a “miracle” and comparing it to “divine intervention.”

“Miracles happen everyday. We were fortunate to observe one in this moment,” one person wrote.

“Thank God that driver was there to deflect that light runner!” another said.

Shannon Vivar, the woman behind the Chevrolet’s wheel, said on Thursday that she doesn’t consider herself a hero, even though she sustained minor injuries during the crash. She is, however, happy that things worked out as they did.

“Even though it wasn’t my intention to, the way I see it was, it was meant to happen that way,” she told reporters.

The woman said that she was glad that the family wasn’t hurt “because DUI drivers take a lot of lives.”

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Vivar’s mother, Shirley, who was in the vehicle with her daughter that day, added: “It was wrong time at the wrong place, but then the right time at the right place.”

The male driver of the SUV was arrested. He was charged with driving under the influence, aggravated assault, leaving the scene of a collision, and possessing an illegal firearm.

The Vivars, meanwhile, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for car repairs.

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