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16 Oct, 2019 19:06

‘Really fake news’: Trump dunks on ABC after channel claims footage from Kentucky gun range is Syria

‘Really fake news’: Trump dunks on ABC after channel claims footage from Kentucky gun range is Syria

US President Donald Trump has ripped into ABC News, scolding them for a truly humiliating mishap in which they claimed footage from a gun range in Kentucky showed a Turkish assault on Kurds in Syria.

Answering questions at a press conference with Italian President Sergio Mattarella on Wednesday, Trump called on ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who asked if he regretted giving the “green light” to Turkish President Recep Erdogan to attack the Kurds in northern Syria.

“I didn’t give him the green light,” Trump quickly shot back, before seizing the opportunity to recall ABC’s unfortunate error.

When you ask a question like that it's very deceptive, John, almost as deceptive as you showing all of the bombings taking place in Syria — and it turned out that the bombing that you showed on television took place in Kentucky.

Watching the frosty exchange, one might conclude that Trump picked Karl for the sole purpose of dunking on him in front of the rest of the White House press corps.

"You should get your accounts correct — and you shouldn't be showing buildings blowing up in Kentucky and saying it's Syria, because that really is fake news,” Trump continued.

Also on rt.com Fake news fail! ABC claims footage from Kentucky gun range shows Turkish attack on Kurdish civilians

The footage in question shows a biannual gun show at the Knob Creek Gun Range near West Point, Kentucky —  but in ABC's report, the audience watching the show had been cropped out.

ABC News issue a barely-there apology for broadcasting the fake footage, saying it "regrets the error" and removed the video "after questions were raised about its accuracy.”

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