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Spice of life: Former Trump Press Sec lights up Twitter with NEON green shirt on Dancing with the Stars

Spice of life: Former Trump Press Sec lights up Twitter with NEON green shirt on Dancing with the Stars
Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made his debut appearance on ABC's ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to mixed reactions, most of which centered around his appallingly garish choice of outfit, in radioactive green no less.

Clearly battle-hardened to Twitter teasing and trolling from his tenure in the White House, Spicer pre-empted the impending wave of derision with a heads up about the outfit.

On Monday night, the 47-year-old performed to the song ‘Spice Up Your Life’ by the Spice Girls, to really flog the dead horse that is his second name all while draped in a fluorescent green blouse and white pants.

Described as 'fun and entertaining' but out of time throughout his debut performance alongside partner Lindsay Arnold, Spicer scored 12 out of a possible 30 points, one point ahead of LA Lakers star Lamar Odom. 

While many anti-Trumpers took the opportunity to give Spicer a piece of their mind, it was his mixed reactions choice of outfit that blinded/most outraged Twitter, in likely his most controversial moment since stepping down in July 2017.

"What’s the only thing more embarrassing than being the former White House Press Secretary under Trump? Whatever this shirt Sean Spicer has on. #DancingWiththeStars"

Others felt the shirt was tantamount to a crime against humanity, asking whether we should “send @seanspicer to Gitmo over that shirt?”

While Spicer’s critics were out in full, foul-mouthed force on Twitter, some summed up their feelings rather succinctly without resorting to bad language.

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