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4 Sep, 2019 00:34

‘Don’t do it!’ Whoopi Goldberg recalls McCarthy era as she slams call for ‘blacklist’ of Trump fans

‘Don’t do it!’ Whoopi Goldberg recalls McCarthy era as she slams call for ‘blacklist’ of Trump fans

A demand by Will & Grace co-stars Debra Messing and Eric McCormack for a public “list” of Trump supporters in Hollywood has not been received well, with even Trump-hating actress Whoopi Goldberg slamming it as “not a good idea.”

Recalling the McCarthy-era witch hunts against alleged “Communist sympathizers” in the US entertainment industry, Goldberg delivered a stark warning to her Hollywood colleagues on the first episode of the new season of ABC’s talk show ‘The View.’

Listen, the last time people did this, people ended up killing themselves. This is not a good idea

The ‘Will and Grace’ co-stars recently called for the Hollywood Reporter to publish a blacklist of attendees to an upcoming Trump fundraiser in Beverly Hills, with McCormack saying the purpose of the list would be “so the rest of us can be clear about who we don’t wanna (sic) work with.”

"We had something called a blacklist [before], and a lot of really good people were accused of stuff. Nobody cared whether it was true or not. They were accused. And they lost their right to work,” Goldberg said, referring to industry figures who had their lives ruined when their loyalty to the US was questioned during the McCarthy era. Goldberg went on to say that Americans “can vote for who they want to” and “you don’t have to like it.”

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“We don’t go after people because we don’t like who they voted for. We don’t go after them that way. We can talk about issues and stuff, but we don’t print out lists,” she said.

The warning is somewhat surprising coming from Goldberg, who is known for hating Trump so much that she won’t even utter his name, mostly referring to  him as "the man in charge” or “the guy in the White House.”

Goldberg did give Messing and McCormack the benefit of the doubt, however, suggesting that maybe they “misspoke” — but appealed to the pair to do some research on McCarthyism and to re-think their proposal for a list.

“Think about it. Read about it. Remember what the blacklist actually meant to people and don’t encourage anyone, anyone, to do it,” she said.

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