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Recession incoming? Lee Camp tears apart Trump’s boasts about volatile US economy

Recession incoming? Lee Camp tears apart Trump’s boasts about volatile US economy
Donald Trump insists that the US economy is booming, but there are warning signs that we’re heading towards a recession, Lee Camp argues, blaming the country’s elite for setting the stage for another financial meltdown.

The US president has pointed to a robust stock market and low unemployment as evidence of a bright economic outlook for America. The reality, however, is far less rosy, the host of Redacted Tonight said. He noted that the Dow Jones has been extremely shaky, losing over 1,000 points over the past month. The American comedian also cited data showing that historically, recessions are preceded by low unemployment. Pointing to the disastrous 2008 recession, Camp remarked that the US is long overdue for an economic tailspin.

“We have an economy that regularly decimates lives and eats our planet to the point of extinction. And we are told to believe this is the best we can do? Are you sure?” he asked.

With an economy that “collapses every seven years,” it’s hard to believe that the United States can’t do better, Camp quipped.

We suffer from a lack of imagination. I think our ruling elite are full of s**t. I think we can do much better. I believe in us.

Watch the full episode.

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