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1 Sep, 2019 00:28

‘We gotta disappear!’ Texas channel evacuated TWICE, keeps airing amid drive-by shooting panic

‘We gotta disappear!’ Texas channel evacuated TWICE, keeps airing amid drive-by shooting panic

A local TV station covering the rampage in Odessa kept their broadcast running despite being forced to vacate the studio twice, as police with “guns drawn” entered the mall and people ran in panic from an active shooting scene.

An anchor for KOSA-TV, a CBS affiliate in Odessa, Texas, managed to keep his cool as the channel’s newsroom at Music City Mall was being evacuated.

“We are going to slip away just for a minute, we do not know what’s going on,” the anchor said before leaving the studio. “Folks, this is a serious situation we want you to know this.”

However, he managed to keep his mic on and kept the viewers updated as reports of several people killed and dozens injured came in.

A lot of folks just came running to the mall. There is trash everywhere on the floor. We don’t know why there are people still running.

Police descended on the mall to screen something at the premises, the anchor reported, while remaining seemingly unperturbed by what was transpiring.

That was not the end of it. Shortly after returning to the studio, the staff was told to “disappear” again. Before doing just that, the anchor mentioned that he saw “three deputies with guns drawn” passing by and meticulously described the scenes of pure chaos unraveling before him, with shoes scattered on the floor and coffee cups overturned.

There is not something we thought would ever happen here

It was only later that police confirmed that the area outside Cinergy movie theater at the Music City Mall became the scene of the final confrontation between the shooter and the officers. The suspect rammed the hijacked USPS truck into the police barrier, before being shot at and killed by police.

The KOSA-TV anchor has been praised on social media for his “extraordinary bravery” and staying true to his journalistic duty.

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At least seven people have been confirmed dead in the Saturday shootings, in which a white male suspect fired randomly at people at several spots in Midland and Odessa. At least 24 more have been injured, including several police officers.

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