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22 Aug, 2019 15:13

Twitter wars over Susan Sarandon’s refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton still raging … in 2019

Twitter wars over Susan Sarandon’s refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton still raging … in 2019

It’s been three years since the last US presidential election, but Susan Sarandon continues to be the improbable punching bag for liberals still seething with anger over Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

The activist actress provoked rage within the Democratic establishment for her vocal support of Bernie Sanders in 2016. She compounded their anger by endorsing the Green Party’s Jill Stein when Sanders left the race, instead of falling in line behind Clinton — like any well-behaved Hollywood liberal would have done.

The umpteenth Twitter war broke out this week over Sarandon’s political activism after Clinton confidante Neera Tanden sarcastically “thanked” her for having “helped” Donald Trump win. The drama cranked up a notch when Nina Turner, the national co-chair of Sanders’ 2020 campaign interjected to inform Tanden she “had some nerve” to scold Sarandon for her vote. 

Last time I checked, this is America and folks have a right to vote for who that (sic) want. Get off Susan Sarandon. She does not answer to you.

A day earlier, former Clinton staffer Adam Parkhomenko tweeted “F**k Susan Sarandon” and said she had been woken “out of her cryogenic chamber” for the 2020 election. Parkhomenko’s rage appears to have been sparked by a recent dig Sarandon made at Elizabeth Warren, noting that an unnamed Sanders competitor “used to be Republican.” Warren was a registered Republican back in the 1990s.

Liberal journalist Kurt Eichenwald also took a swipe at the actress, saying she had “crawled out of her cave in her endless effort to make sure everyone dies.”

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The fight exploded into a meme war, with Sarandon’s defenders offering sarcastic reasons why she physically prevented them from awarding their 2016 vote to Clinton.

“I tried to vote for Hillary in 2016 but Susan Sarandon threw a banana peel in my path…,” one person joked. Another also “tried to vote for Hillary” but Sarandon simply “siphoned the gas” out of the car.

One even poured his feelings into a 39-second long song, aptly titled ‘Susan Sarandon Is An All Powerful God’.

Renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald also pulled no punches on the opponents of the Oscar-winning actress. 

“It's honestly time to officially declare this sick fixation with Susan Sarandon that they have as a collective pathology,” he wrote, arguing that Democrats “have trouble accepting blame for their failures” and are looking for “scapegoats” instead. 

Sarandon meanwhile, has been batting away attacks with gifs and appears to be unfazed by the whole thing.

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