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21 Aug, 2019 23:22

Trump might one day NUKE Denmark, ‘prophetic’ Ted Cruz predicted in 2016

Trump might one day NUKE Denmark, ‘prophetic’ Ted Cruz predicted in 2016

No one could have predicted in 2016 that US President Donald Trump would be throwing a geopolitical hissy fit over Denmark’s refusal to consider his offer to buy Greenland. No one, that is, except… Republican ex-rival Ted Cruz?

I don’t know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the [nuclear] button. We’re liable to wake up one morning and Donald, if he were president, would’ve nuked Denmark,” Cruz told a crowd during a New Hampshire campaign event in February 2016.

With Trump cancelling a visit to Denmark in a fit of pique after PM Mette Fredriksen refused to discuss his offer to purchase Greenland, a C-SPAN producer with a shockingly good memory dug the Cruz clip out of the archives and posted it on Twitter, where it enjoyed a popularity Cruz never did when he was running for president.

Ted Cruz really is a prophet,” one user marveled. “It’s easy to forget, but I do occasionally agree with Cruz,” another admitted. Others elaborated on the nuclear futures of Trump’s tantrum: “If I can’t have it, no one can!

French satirical outlet Le Gorafi posted its own tribute, which translates to “Donald Trump accuses Denmark of possessing weapons of mass destruction.”

He forgot to say, ‘and I will have helped him,’” one user snarked, referring to Cruz’s transformation into a stalwart Trump supporter post-election, despite the president having nicknamed him “Lyin’ Ted” on the campaign trail and insulting both his wife and his father.

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Most Danish politicians called the idea of the US purchasing Greenland “absurd” and likened it to an “April fool’s joke,” but some went a step further. Greenland’s own PM Kim Kielsen suggested that since the Vikings had found America before Columbus, “it is only natural for us to get the United States back,” but it might not be the wisest investment given Washington’s massive debt problems.

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