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16 Aug, 2019 01:14

Epstein madam Maxwell seen engrossed in book on ‘life and death of CIA operatives’ at LA burger spot

Epstein madam Maxwell seen engrossed in book on ‘life and death of CIA operatives’ at LA burger spot

Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged procurer and madam for the now-deceased Jeffrey Epstein, has been photographed at a Los Angeles fast food spot, reading a book about the lives (and deaths) of CIA operatives.

Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here,” Maxwell told another person after she was snapped at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant in the Universal City neighborhood of Los Angeles by a source who spoke to the New York Post.

The notorious (and until now, elusive) socialite was reading ‘The Book of Honor: the Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives’, the source said – titillating reading matter for the woman whose ex-lover had just died under mysterious circumstances in prison while facing a 45-year sentence on child sex trafficking charges.

While the official line claims Epstein committed suicide, revelations about the circumstances surrounding his death have fed speculation that he was murdered – and renewed ongoing speculation regarding whether he was working for an intelligence agency (or agencies). Former prosecutor Alex Acosta has claimed he was told not to pursue the Epstein case in 2007 despite a 53-page indictment and dozens of alleged victims because Epstein “belonged to intelligence.”

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Maxwell has not been photographed in public since 2016, but this lucky photographer – who confirmed the 57-year-old Brit’s identity by asking “Are you who I think you are?” – said she was “perfectly friendly, very lovely” despite the intrusion.

The daughter of disgraced newspaper magnate (and alleged Mossad spy) Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine settled a defamation lawsuit in 2017 from Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claimed the British woman recruited her when she was just 16 at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. Over 2,000 damning pages of court documents were unsealed the day before Epstein’s death, detailing Maxwell’s alleged role in grooming and sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, including Giuffre, who says she was kept as a ‘sex slave’ dedicated to pleasing Epstein and his wealthy friends.

Maxwell owns properties in the UK but sold her Manhattan townhouse, just a few blocks from Epstein’s own, in 2016. She was believed to be hiding out in a seaside Massachusetts mansion north of Boston, but left that residence about a month ago, according to a neighbor.

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While Attorney General William Barr has warned that Epstein’s co-conspirators should not “rest easy” in the wake of his death, Maxwell – who would logically be next in line for prosecution, given her close involvement in the alleged trafficking as outlined in court documents – remains a free woman.

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