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22 Jul, 2019 17:03

Ivanka Trump gets dog-piled by liberals for gifting her daughter a white pooch

Ivanka Trump gets dog-piled by liberals for gifting her daughter a white pooch

President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has faced the wrath of the eternally woke for gifting her eight-year-old daughter a white dog. Enraged liberals immediately saw Nazi symbolism in the cutesy image.

In a photo posted to Twitter on Sunday, Ivanka welcomed the first four-legged addition to the Trump clan: a snow-white pooch named Winter. “Meet Winter, Arabella’s birthday dream come true and the newest member of the Kushner family!” Trump gushed on Twitter, after gifting the dog to her daughter Arabella as a birthday present.

Some commenters speculated on the dog’s breed, suggesting Winter was part Pomeranian and part Husky. Others –seeing things through the rainbow-tinted goggles of wokeness– saw bare-faced white supremacy.

“How darling,” snarked actress Nancy Lee Grahn. “I see you skipped a rescue and went straight to an Aryan breeder. Does it sit and sieg heil yet?” 

“If it was a brown dog, would you put it in a cage?” asked liberal writer Jon Zal, referring to the Trump administration’s controversial policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents at the Mexican border.

Some commenters rolled their eyes at the #resistance dog-pile. “If you get angry over Ivanka posting a picture of a dog,” one wrote, “seek professional help. You desperately need it.” Conservative pundit Mark Levin called the whole debacle “example 114,703” of how the left is “consumed with hate.”

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