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Colorado bear breaks into car, ‘butt-shifts’ to neutral & drives 100ft down hill

Colorado bear breaks into car, ‘butt-shifts’ to neutral & drives 100ft down hill
A “delinquent” bear broke into a parked car in Colorado, made it roll 100 feet down a hill, and crashed the vehicle into a tree before disappearing without a trace.

The incident happened on Thursday night. The bear pulled the door open and climbed into an unlocked car somewhere in Boulder County, Colorado, the local sheriff’s office reported.

The door closed behind the animal once it got inside the vehicle. The bear then apparently felt trapped, began frantically working its way out and accidentally “butt-shifted the car into neutral.” The vehicle rolled off the driveway and went 100 feet down a hill. It stopped after hitting a tree, and only then could the bear get out and flee.

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A photo from the ‘crime scene,’ shared by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, showed a wrecked hatchback near a tree in the woodlands, with its doors wide open and its interior smashed.

The whole situation serves as “a good reminder to keep your car doors locked, especially in bear country,” police said.

It was not the first time a nosy bear was drawn to a parked vehicle in Colorado. Last year, a security camera in Boulder filmed how an animal approached a car, successfully opened three of its doors, climbed inside and then left.

“Bears get into unlocked cars all the time,” a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson said at the time.

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