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2 Jul, 2019 17:47

Panic rumors fly as Pence cancels trip after Russian sub accident

Panic rumors fly as Pence cancels trip after Russian sub accident

Could VP Mike Pence’s abrupt trip cancellation be related to the security meetings in Moscow and Brussels after the fatal Russian submarine accident? Pence’s staff says no, but that is not stopping rumors in Washington.

Pence was scheduled to fly out to New Hampshire on Tuesday for an event about the opioid crisis, but those plans were scrapped and his airplane never took off. 

No reason was given for the change of plans, except “something came up,” leaving the press in the US capital abuzz in speculation.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin had also canceled his plans for the day and was meeting Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu in Moscow. They had a reason: an accident aboard a Russian nuclear submarine on Monday that left 14 sailors dead.

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A rumor that the “European security council” was holding an unscheduled meeting on Tuesday prompted further speculation that all of these events were somehow related.

However, there does not appear to be any such body as the “EU Security Council.”

Spokespeople for the VP and the White House said that there had been “no emergency callback” and that there was “no cause for concern.”

The change of plans was not related to Pence’s health, or that of President Donald Trump, they said. This has not helped put the rumors to rest, however. 

If there was a genuine emergency involving the Russian submarine accident, nobody seems to have told President Trump. He was merrily tweeting about the upcoming 4th of July events that he ordered spiced up with military pageantry.

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