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AG Barr busts out bagpipes for surprise performance at DOJ conference (VIDEO)

AG Barr busts out bagpipes for surprise performance at DOJ conference (VIDEO)
An impromptu jam session broke out at a Department of Justice conference when Attorney General William Barr grabbed his bagpipes – yes, he plays – to join in a rendition of Scotland the Brave. He took no requests afterward.

Just as the US Attorney’s National Conference kicked off Wednesday morning, the AG ran backstage to retrieve his pipes, which he apparently brought with him, to shred along with the New York Police Department’s pipe and drum band, the Emerald Society. Barr said:

                       Now how was that for an icebreaker?

Barr said his staff had intended the Emerald Society performance as a surprise, “but as you know I’m very proficient at – dare I say the word – spying,” he said, poking fun at a previous controversy over the AG’s use of that term.

“And I discovered the plot, and so this was my counter surprise,” Barr added.

Twitter couldn’t resist having a bit of fun at Bagpipin’ Barr’s expense.

“Windbag plays windbag,” one user wrote, to which another replied “It almost writes itself.”

“I think if you just squeeze him that same sound comes out,” said another amused commenter.

Many were impressed with the AG’s skills, however, with some weighing in with praise for the short performance.

“I like this man more and more,” a user on Twitter said, while another simply replied “That’s awesome.”

This was not Barr’s first public performance. In 1991, after being sworn in as attorney general under President George H.W. Bush, he pulled out the pipes to woo an audience during a reception at DOJ headquarters in Washington, DC.

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