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20 Jun, 2019 19:49

Ilhan Omar re-tweets video of CNN contributor claiming US could be on the road to ‘death camps’

Ilhan Omar re-tweets video of CNN contributor claiming US could be on the road to ‘death camps’

Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar appears to be supporting fellow representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, after AOC sparked uproar for comparing detention centers at the US border to Nazi concentration camps.

Omar (D-MN) re-tweeted a video clip on Thursday in which CNN commenter Angela Rye makes the argument that the US is indeed on the road to having “death camps.”

“In 1933, there were concentration camps. In 1941, they were death camps – and that is where we are going if our consciences are not quickly pierced,” an impassioned Rye said, during a debate with Trump surrogate Steve Cortes.

Rye and Cortes clashed over Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) earlier claim that the US is running “concentration camps” on its southern border, where immigrants are being housed in temporary detention centers; she added that her description was “not hyperbole.”

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Omar herself came to the US as a refugee from Somalia and has also re-tweeted Ocasio-Cortez’s tweets in defense of her comments.

“History will be kind to those who stood up to this injustice,” the firebrand New York congresswoman said in one tweet, adding that “kids are dying and I’m not here to make people feel comfortable about that.”

Those comments provoked an intense backlash, with the Israeli Holocaust memorial center Yad Vashem inviting Ocasio-Cortez to “learn about concentration camps” and linking her to a page on its website on Monday.

On Tuesday, the official Auschwitz museum Twitter account advised MSNBC host Chris Hayes to educate himself after he told Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney to learn the difference between concentration camps and death camps.

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