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19 Jun, 2019 13:13

‘I will NOT be compared to shooter who murdered my classmates’ – pro-gun activist Parkland survivor

‘I will NOT be compared to shooter who murdered my classmates’ – pro-gun activist Parkland survivor

Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv hit back against ex-GOP congressman David Jolly for comparing him to a school shooter over racist comments he made online years ago. Harvard recently revoked Kashuv’s admission over the controversy.

The scandal began after comments Kashuv had made in private messages when he was 16 emerged online, including repeated use of derogatory terms for African-Americans and the phrase “kill all the f***ing jews.” Kashuv took full responsibility and apologized for the comments, but that wasn’t enough for Harvard who rescinded his admission, nor for former Republican come professional Trump critic David Jolly.

Also on rt.com Harvard pulls pro-gun Parkland survivor’s acceptance over years-old racial slurs

Jolly told MSNBC on Tuesday that he not only agreed with Harvard’s decision, he also felt that Kashuv’s comments were “exactly” like those of a school shooter. He even suggested that the state bar Kashuv from owning a firearm based on his “social media background.

Kashuv responded on Wednesday, noting that he had taken responsibility for his words, but would not tolerate being compared to the person who killed 17 of his classmates in early 2018.

Kashuv was all but unique among his classmates in taking a pro-gun rights line in the wake of the shooting, and in many ways served as the antithesis of fellow Parkland survivor David Hogg, who became a prominent gun-control activist after the incident and was also accepted into Harvard.

Harvard’s decision has split public opinion, many feeling that it is too draconian, while some say the racist comments are a reflection of Kashuv’s immaturity and poor moral character. Others, however, have speculated that the school only took such a hard-line approach due to Kashuv’s pro-gun viewpoints and support for President Donald Trump.

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