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‘Clearly an alien’: Internet weighs in on eerie viral ‘Dobby the elf’ VIDEO

‘Clearly an alien’: Internet weighs in on eerie viral ‘Dobby the elf’ VIDEO
A viral video posted to Facebook has triggered fierce debate between fandoms of science fiction and fantasy, as netizens debate whether the strange ‘creature’ is indeed an alien or is actually Dobby the elf from Harry Potter.

Vivian Gomez posted the truly strange video to Facebook last Thursday, in which a small, skinny figure wanders menacingly down her driveway in the middle of the night. Gomez claims that it “wasn’t altered or photoshopped and no trick photography.”

So far, the video has accrued over 6.6 million views and 120,000 shares, most likely thanks to the strong opinions and deep debate in the comments section. Hundreds speculated on the video, arguing whether it was a magic elf or an alien being, or possibly even Gomez’ own son in flip flops with underpants on his head.

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“Does your son sleepwalk,” asked one commenter on Facebook.

“It’s clearly an alien from another planet,” another wrote below a version of the video shared on Instagram.

A fake account claiming to be the creature was even set up, as netizens joined in the chaotic comedy.

Many posited that it was simply a small child.

Others quickly buried the speculation that the creature was indeed the fan favorite character Dobby the house elf from the wildly successful Harry Potter franchise, reminding everyone (rather coldly) that, sadly, Dobby died.

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