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2 Jun, 2019 21:33

Russian scare: CBS says US senator warned about Moscow’s ‘aggression’ in Arctic … but did he?

Russian scare: CBS says US senator warned about Moscow’s ‘aggression’ in Arctic … but did he?

US Senator Joe Manchin warns of Russian aggression in the Arctic and discusses reports of secret nuclear tests there, a description to a CBS interview states. Scared?

Well, that’s not exactly what he said, but ‘Russian aggression’ is too good of a trope to pass.


In fact, the Democratic senator from West Virginia did not even use the word ‘aggression’ throughout the entire interview, not even once. That, however, did not stop CBS from putting it in the caption to the Face the Nation video both on the channel’s website and YouTube account.

Instead, what the senator did say was that Russia has invested large sums of money and tremendous efforts in its Arctic regions as they make up a significant part of the country. “It is an unbelievable commitment that they have made.”

He did mention, though, that the US has seen more Russian activity in the polar region than “we had during the Cold War.” However, he did not link that activity to any ulterior motives. Instead, he encouraged Washington to do exactly what Russia does and be more active in the Arctic as well if it does not want to fall behind.

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“We have got to be on top and the United States has got to start getting involved to make sure that we're a leader up there and not a follower,” he told CBS.

As for the reports on “secret nuclear tests” the big bad Russkies are supposedly conducting somewhere in the ice-covered wastelands, which the CBS description mentions, the only thing Manchin did say about them was that he did not see a single piece of evidence of that during his recent trip to the region.

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