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#Resistance in meltdown after Navy airmen seen wearing ‘MAGA’- themed patches

#Resistance in meltdown after Navy airmen seen wearing ‘MAGA’- themed patches
Critics of US President Donald Trump were enraged after American Navy airmen appeared in photos wearing ‘morale patches’ featuring a spinoff of Trump’s campaign slogan, and his cartoon likeness.

Navy airmen from the USS Wasp donned the patches, which read “Make Aircrew Great Again,” in preparation for a visit from President Trump, who delivered a speech for Memorial Day while aboard. The ship is docked in Japan.

Though the photos depict a group of grinning soldiers displaying the insignia, the reaction was not all smiles.

In response to the photos, many of the critics of Donald Trump poured outrage at the troops, who they said were acting as propagandists for the president.

“Pretty hard to respect the military when they are used as propaganda,” one user commented; another added that the soldiers needed “deprogramming.”

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Some reactions were less dramatic, lightening the mood with a little humor.

“But why are they wearing Sean Hannity on the patch?” somebody joked, prompting responses such as “I thought it was Mitt Romney,” and “blonde Joe Scarborough.”

Others clashed on whether such insignia is allowed and whether this is a justifiable use of “morale patches.” Some insisted it wasn't, with one user adding “anyone saying these are ‘morale patches’ needs some training.” Another came to the rescue with Air Force regulations, which, it turns out, don’t apply to the Navy, while a self-described Navy vet said the insignia “makes me want to puke.”

At long last, an Air Force vet came along to clear up the controversy.

While military rules surrounding “morale patches” vary by branch and unit, it is not uncommon for units to design humorous or tongue-in-cheek insignia for special occasions. Previous designs have featured Krusty the Clown of Simpsons fame, rock n’ roll monarch Elvis Presley (accompanied by the words “If he’s out there, we’ll find him”), as well as the Kool-Aid Man.

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