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2 May, 2019 05:08

‘Unwanted children will be killed anyway’: Alabama Dem sparks uproar with pro-abortion argument

‘Unwanted children will be killed anyway’: Alabama Dem sparks uproar with pro-abortion argument

Women should have the right to kill their “unwanted” babies because they’d end up going “to the electric chair” anyway, Alabama Rep. John Rogers argued, in a state debate on a proposed law on abortion. Conservative outrage ensued.

Speaking out in the State House against an abortion ban just before his fellow lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the 'Human Life Protection Act' that would criminalize nearly all abortions in the state of Alabama, Rogers defended the right of a woman to the procedure.

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“You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, and then you send them to the electric chair,” he said. “So you kill them now or you kill them later, but the bottom line is I don’t think we should be making that decision.” 

Republican lawmakers slammed the comments as “horrific”,“abhorrent and callous,” and seized the opportunity to attack their Democratic opponents over the contentious issue.

“One of the most horrific statements I’ve ever heard coming from a Democratic representative on abortion. The barbaric embrace of murder from the Dems is despicable. Every life is precious & worth fighting for,” Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne tweeted.

“So easy for every human alive to pontificate and decide why others in the womb, who can’t speak, should be destroyed and denied THEIR life,” Alabama Republican Party chairman Terry Lathan said.

Other members of the online community also bashed the representative, calling his argument “disgusting” and total “nonsense.”

Local conservative media criticized liberal outlets for ignoring ‘vile’ statement.

Rep. Rogers’ comments, heard during the two-hour emotional debate on the controversial issue, did nothing to affect the passage of the bill in the state’s Republican-dominated House of Representatives. Calling the bill extreme and fiscally irresponsible, the Democrats simply walked out from the vote allowing the House Bill 314 to pass 74-3.

Rogers criticized his fellow party members for boycotting the vote, telling them, “When you’re opposed to something, stand there and fight it.”

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“I’m not leaving and walking out… I’m not scared of a fight,” he added.

The legislature, which now heads to the State Senate would make it a felony to conduct early termination at any stage of a pregnancy unless a woman’s life is threatened.

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