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29 Apr, 2019 15:08

Why mainstream media can’t let go of Mueller report: RT host who provoked Maddow's rage explains

Why mainstream media can’t let go of Mueller report: RT host who provoked Maddow's rage explains

After MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow flipped out over YouTube algorithms promoting RT content on the Mueller report, the host of that content, Chris Hedges, explains how her anger indicates serious problems with corporate news networks.

Maddow’s reaction came in response to a Washington Post article detailing the ‘shocking’ revelation that RT content was allegedly promoted by YouTube to help understand the Mueller report. To Maddow’s horror, YouTube algorithms could have left thousands exposed to an episode of the RT program On Contact featuring two award winning journalists challenging mainstream narratives on the Russiagate incident.

One of the journalists in question, On Contact host and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges, says that the incident sheds light on the shortcomings of the mainstream media:

It exposes the bankruptcy of the corporate media and the American press, which spent over two years peddling a fantasy instead of focusing on the real issues.

Hedges, believes Maddow’s motivations for crying foul likely go beyond her anger over people being exposed to alternate viewpoints.

This is about profit. CNN made more money last year than I think they’ve ever made in their history, Rachel Maddow is the top rated show and probably the prime conspiracy theorist,” he pointed out. Despite Maddow’s fear mongering over Russia occasionally “reaching the point of absurdity,” her brand of content certainly helped keep the network bringing in the big bucks… at least until the report was actually released and her ratings plummeted.

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While the much-peddled report covering allegations of Donald Trump's collusion with Russia turned out to be a dead end, it seems the many voices among the major corporate news networks are just not ready to put their cash cow out to pasture.

Watch the interview on RT.

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