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1 Mar, 2019 22:59

‘Most entertaining war of all time’? Daily Show host slammed for joke about India/Pakistan conflict

‘Most entertaining war of all time’? Daily Show host slammed for joke about India/Pakistan conflict

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah is being raked over the coals on Twitter for a joke he made about the threat of war between India and Pakistan. Was it racist? Insensitive? Not funny? Or are his viewers just “triggered?"

Joking that a war between India and Pakistan would be the “most entertaining war of all time,” the South African-born comedian burst into his idea of a Bollywood musical number, complete with simulated gunfire, on his nightly comedy-news program on Thursday.

Some slammed Noah for his insensitivity, claiming such jokes were inappropriate with two nuclear-armed powers on the brink of war, and dozens already dead in bombings.

Others found his reach for the Bollywood stereotype racist.

Still other detractors blamed US exceptionalism, suggesting every American life lost in battle is treated with the utmost seriousness.

… while others focused on his South African heritage, claiming it should make him more sensitive.

A few even called for him to be banned over the bit.

A number of commenters just wished he’d gone with something funny instead.

Noah’s defenders, however, found his routine a breath of fresh air.

Interestingly, the clip was missing from the Comedy Central star’s YouTube channel and his own Twitter feed, suggesting Corporate had heard the reactions loud and clear.

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