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12 Feb, 2019 01:17

‘Sorry, not sorry?’ Ilhan Omar apologizes for ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet, reigniting controversy

‘Sorry, not sorry?’ Ilhan Omar apologizes for ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet, reigniting controversy

Freshman Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been forced to apologize by senior House Democrats for a series of “anti-Semitic” tweets – but her apology has set off another round of hysteria for not being apologetic enough.

In a post captioned “listening and learning, but standing strong,” the Muslim representative thanked her “Jewish allies and colleagues” for “educating” her about “anti-Semitic tropes,” while reiterating her original point about the “problematic role” of lobbyists like AIPAC.

Both detractors and supporters immediately pounced on her ‘apology’ as proof that whatever they’d said before was right.  Some were outraged that Omar was not groveling enough…

…while others saw Omar being smeared by a near-omnipotent lobby pulling the strings of the Capitol.

Still others pointed out that attacking Omar was only feeding the same “anti-Semitic tropes” her detractors accused Omar of feeding.

While those accusing Omar of anti-Semitism as often as not found themselves arguing with Jews speaking up for the congresswoman.

House Democratic leadership released a statement condemning Omar’s remarks on Monday afternoon, slamming the Minnesota rep’s “deeply offensive” and “prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters” while demanding she “immediately apologize for these hurtful comments.”

A few couldn’t help but notice that the Democrats’ willingness to castigate one of their own in order to defend big-ticket lobbyists kind of proved Omar’s point...

…or at the very least raised more questions than it answered...

(such as, do Pelosi’s donors have something to do with this?)

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