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1 Feb, 2019 15:35

CNN commentator calls Trump ‘antithesis of Christ’s teachings’, faces social media retribution

CNN commentator calls Trump ‘antithesis of Christ’s teachings’, faces social media retribution

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona went after White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about “election interference” of a much higher order, arguing over God’s plans for Donald Trump.

CNN’s OutFront became the unlikely platform for a debate on divine will on Wednesday, when guests were asked to discuss Sarah Sander’s stated belief that God himself had chosen Trump to become president.

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Cardona was not happy with Sanders’ interpretation of God’s design, responding that if Trump’s victory was preordained, “it is because he wanted to punish us for taking our democracy for granted, and for not ensuring that every person got out there to vote.

Despite having personally chosen to work on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Cardona was unable to figure out why God would choose someone "who doesn’t understand the words truth, honesty, integrity, honor, forgiveness.

I could go on and on about how this president is actually the antithesis of Jesus Christ’s teachings and anything that real Christians [...] would believe in,” she continued.

Commentators were quick to criticize her authority in making such a statement. While Cardona describes herself as a Catholic, her liberal positions on abortion rights, gay marriage and divorce are not exactly in keeping with the religious canon.

While many who engaged in the debate agreed that a “higher power” had influenced the elections, not everyone thought that power was other-wordly.

Cardona quickly hit back against her “hypocritical” haters, even dropping some paraphrased bible quotes to get her point across.

Cardona is not the first to try to defeat Sanders on her own terms. Just last week, Democratic rising star Ocasio-Cortez quoted the bible in the course of an argument with the press secretary about the role of humanity in combating climate change.

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