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4 Jan, 2019 02:30

Oregon man sues Burger King for cost of a lifetime of uneaten meals after they cut him off

Oregon man sues Burger King for cost of a lifetime of uneaten meals after they cut him off

An Oregon man is suing a Burger King restaurant after it reneged on its promise of free burgers for life – compensation for the trauma he endured spending an hour locked in the restaurant's bathroom.

Chris Brooner is suing the Wood Village, OR Burger King after a regional manager cut him off from a promised lifetime of free meals. With the help of his lawyer, he determined the cost of one burger meal a week for the rest of his life would be $9,026.16, and is suing for that amount.

Their calculations included shaving five years off the average lifespan of 77 due to "frequent consumption of cheeseburgers," Michael Fuller, Brooner's lawyer, told KATU.

Brooner was offered a lifetime of free food as compensation for his pain and suffering after becoming locked in the restaurant's bathroom last month. Staff slid a fly-swatter under the door so he could try to free himself by jimmying the door open, but it didn't work, and Brooner only ended up cutting his hand.

Adding insult to injury, Brooner claims the employees outside the bathroom were actually laughing as he struggled with the door for a solid hour. Free at last thanks to the services of a local locksmith, it took Brooner another hour just to regain sufficient composure to leave the restaurant. Clearly, a lifetime of cheeseburgers was the least Burger King could do.

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Brooner enjoyed several weeks of free meals before the regional manager put his foot down, bringing the gravy train to a screeching halt. It isn't clear how many times during those few weeks Brooner came for his post-traumatic stress burger, but if it was enough to attract the manager's attention (and enough to take five years off his life), chances are, he got his money's worth.

Fuller sees a future full of burgers for his client. "I think we will reach a fair settlement. My client was presented with an offer, he accepted it and a deal was a deal," he told the station.

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