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2 Jan, 2019 19:19

Happy New Ear: Man does a Mike Tyson during conspiracy theories argument in a hot tub

Happy New Ear: Man does a Mike Tyson during  conspiracy theories argument in a hot tub

A debate about conspiracy theories is bound to get heated, but when one such discussion took place inside a hot tub, it escalated to the point of one participant biting a chunk out of another man's ear.

Bryan David Boyak was sitting in a hot tub at a party in North Salt Lake, Utah on Tuesday when a discussion on “big banking and essentially conspiracy theories” became heated, North Salt Lake Police said in a probable cause statement.

The victim said he worked for a large banking company and he and Boyak entered into an impassioned argument, ABC4 reports. Boyak was upset and said he was leaving, and other people went inside the house.

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However, the victim said he then locked Boyak out of the property because “he was acting crazy” and was concerned he might try to drive under the influence.

Boyak apparently responded by throwing patio furniture at the house until his opponent came out to tell him to stop, at which point Boyak allegedly pinned the man on the ground and took a “large chunk” out of his ear before fleeing the scene in a truck.

Boyak eventually turned himself in and was arrested on a number of charges including mayhem, criminal mischief, intoxication, and three counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child, as there were kids present at the time of the biting.

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