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2 Jan, 2019 15:38

Happy New Year? Man’s awkward kiss attempt fails massively on live TV (VIDEO)

Happy New Year? Man’s awkward kiss attempt fails massively on live TV (VIDEO)

Becoming a meme so early in the new year isn’t easy, but for one man, a humiliating failed kiss attempt has spread across the world just days into 2019.

The man decided to take a chance on romance when a camera panned towards him and a woman he was standing next to during a live New Year’s TV show in the Netherlands.

The valiant man went in for a kiss, likely thinking it was a no-brainer with a camera helpfully watching to ensure his target wouldn’t reject him on national TV. Turns out he was wrong. Really wrong.

The horrifying moment took place during a live episode of Dutch NPO Radio 2’s countdown of the Top 2,000 tracks voted by the public, which started on Christmas Day and ended at midnight on December 31.

The woman didn’t just avoid the man’s unexpected kiss, she openly squirmed away from him, making a queasy face in the process.  

Not only did the man go in for a smooch, but at one stage during his painful quest to mash lips with his target, he decided to open his mouth like a fish, as if ready for some serious French kissing, making the failed attempt all the more mortifying to watch.

The woman goes through a range of emotions as the man’s lips inch closer and closer to her own, from smiling to surprised, to shocked and disgusted.

The face-in-hands moment spread across the internet after appearing on Reddit, where it racked up over 38,000 upvotes and thousands of comments in 24 hours.

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