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21 Dec, 2018 02:11

Trump blindsides Twitter with his 'singing farmer' persona throwback (VIDEO)

Trump blindsides Twitter with his 'singing farmer' persona throwback (VIDEO)

US President Donald Trump tweeted a clip of himself and an actress dressed as farmers singing the Green Acres theme to celebrate the 2019 farm bill, catching the media off-guard amid tension over the coming government shutdown.

The clip, tagged #TBT for "throwback Thursday," dates from the 2005 Emmy Awards, when Hollywood had a rather more sanguine view of Trump, then at the height of his reality-TV stardom with "The Apprentice." His partner on stage is actress Megan Mullally of Will & Grace.

The $867-billion farm legislation – the Agriculture Improvement Act – passed the Senate last week after lengthy negotiations over work requirements for food stamps, restrictions which did not make it into the final bill. While Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) described the bill Trump signed as "mostly status quo," it did take the unusual step of legalizing industrial hemp as a crop.

Mullally was mortified upon seeing herself arm in arm with Hollywood's number-one bogeyman, first responding with an "omg" and then a full statement:

Some of the president's Twitter followers thought they were looking at a joke account…

Others accused him of trying to distract from his endless legal tribulations.

A number of social-media users had their own "throwbacks" at the ready:

Who knew when he sang "Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside!" he meant Washington, DC?

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