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Lightsaber-wielding Sith, bare-breasted Mariannes & Santas add flair to Yellow Vest protests

Lightsaber-wielding Sith, bare-breasted Mariannes & Santas add flair to Yellow Vest protests
From French icon ‘Marianne’ to Star Wars characters, a number of flamboyant and bizarre characters joined Yellow Vest protesters across France this weekend as tens of thousands rallied against the government’s economic policies.

Mysterious half-naked ‘Mariannes’

These silver-painted women in blood-red hoodies, posing as the national revolutionary icon, clearly added a new flavor to the demonstrations. Standing silently in front of police and gendarmes in full gear, the women made quite an impression on social media. Many users admitted that they loved these Mariannes and appreciated their symbolism.

Protests gone intergalactic

What can be more recognizable worldwide than a lightsaber from the Star Wars space franchise and the Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask? This guy combined both. Yet his ‘energy sword’ is not ‘rebellious’ blue or green, but red, which is typically carried by Empire Sith supporters.

Christmas is coming

With five weeks of never-ending protests, first against fuel tax hikes and then against Emmanuel Macron’s policies, the demonstrators were reminded that Christmas is approaching. Several Santa Clauses added a festive mood to scuffles on Saturday.

Some of them put the now famous yellow vest on over their Santa outfit.

Yellow La La Land

The A7 motorway, linking Lyon and Marseille, was blocked by protesters for several hours on Saturday. Yet one dancing team didn’t miss a chance and, inspired both by the movie ‘La La Land’ and the Yellow Vests, made a hip hop video. Bouncing to the tunes, they re-enacted the opening scene of the movie.

Armored vehicle of peace

The heavy armored vehicles belonging to Gendarmerie – French military police – have been a frequent site at the protests. One girl in Le Mans city put on quite a special costume – a personalized wheelchair (also in vivid yellow colors) imitating the vehicles, and bearing the statements ‘Peace force’ and ‘power of the people’.

Some protesters were trying to cajole police with flowers which were unsurprisingly yellow – the color of the revolution.

And these guys came out to make their own unique statement.

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