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31 Oct, 2018 13:28

Two scoops of #Resistance, please: Ben & Jerry’s rolls out anti-Trump ice cream flavor

Two scoops of #Resistance, please: Ben & Jerry’s rolls out anti-Trump ice cream flavor

Thanks to Ben & Jerry’s, you can now consume obscene amounts of saturated fats and resist Trump at the same time. The ice cream company has created a limited edition flavor, “Pecan Resist,” but not everyone is eager for a scoop.

Starting this week, the popular US calorie bomb, usually known as New York Super Fudge Chunk, will be called “Pecan Resist” – a pun, but only if you live in the Northeast and incorrectly pronounce the nut “PEE-can.”

Explaining the name change in a short video promotion posted on YouTube, the Vermont-based company said that it “cannot ignore the Trump administration's attacks on our values, our environment, and our very humanity.”

Proceeds from the limited edition flavour will be used to support organizations “working on the front lines of the resistance” against Trump, the company added. “It's a nutty delight that's sending a powerful message. Together, we can resist.”

The iconic ice cream makers wisely disabled commenting on their YouTube promotion, but the same cannot be done on Twitter, sadly. You probably already know where this is going.

“Thank god, I can be lectured by ice cream for having an opinion,” one amused Twitter user wrote.

“At least there's still Haagen Daz,” another netizen joked.

Others expressed their support for the Trump-resisting dessert.

One dedicated resister disclosed that she can’t partake in Pecan Resist due to an allergy, but will instead eat other Ben & Jerry’s flavors to do her part for the revolution.

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Ben & Jerry’s is known for its creative, sometimes politically-oriented flavor names. In 2009, it re-branded “Chubby Hubby” as “Hubby Hubby” to support gay marriage. Its founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were arrested while protesting outside the Capitol in Washington DC in April 2016.

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