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23 Oct, 2018 23:48

Hitler was BETTER than Trump, ex-Reagan & Bush official hints in a tweet

Hitler was BETTER than Trump, ex-Reagan & Bush official hints in a tweet

Trump’s liberal critics have compared him to Hitler since before the election, but a former Bush Sr. aide took a step further off a rhetorical cliff, tweeting several ways the Nazi leader compares favorably to Trump.

In a tweet, former Bush official Bruce Bartlett listed several ways in which Trump compared unfavorably to Adolph (sic) Hitler: military service, marital fidelity, even penning one’s own iconic book (at least Mein Kampf never made it to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list). Most importantly, Hitler hated the Russians – today’s ultimate get-out-of-history’s-jail-free card.

Bartlett’s tweet is deliberately outrageous, but very much in line with the rhetorical fallout of constantly comparing the sitting US president to Hitler. After all, where do you go from Hitler? Two Hitlers?

After helping draft the Reagan tax cuts, Bartlett served as a senior policy analyst and later a Treasury Department official under George H.W. Bush. He was an outspoken critic of George W. Bush, however, criticizing the younger Bush’s economic policies in his book Impostor in 2006 and later blaming him for the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession.

With the younger Bush safely out of politics (and pursuing his artistic talents), Bartlett has turned his sights on Trump, cashing in on the “fake news” hysteria with a book called Truth Matters that purports to teach the reader how to “ensure truth is not a permanent casualty.”

Reading critically, judging sources, using fact-checking sites, avoiding confirmation bias, identifying trustworthy experts” are all skills only Bartlett can teach, according to this book.


Bush has experienced a reputational renaissance lately among liberals who think two bloody wars and 1.5 million bankruptcies are more forgivable crimes than Trump’s immigration fearmongering and pandering to blue-collar white voters. Michelle Obama’s recent quip about W being her “partner in crime” also helped warm their hearts.

Trump has been compared to Hitler so often that even his supporters joke about it, and the comparison long ago lost the power to shock. Pundits who jumped to compare The Donald to Der Fuehrer may not have realized they were exhausting their rhetorical ammunition at one go – and comments like Bartlett’s are now what it takes to squeeze some more punch out of the parallel.

There are a few points left they can use against Trump. Hitler was a vegetarian, right? Doesn’t Trump like a big, juicy steak?