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23 Oct, 2018 14:35

Trump condom, anyone? President, Pence and Kavanaugh become face of college rubbers (PHOTO)

Trump condom, anyone? President, Pence and Kavanaugh become face of college rubbers (PHOTO)

A “reproductive justice” group at Georgetown University in Washington DC has used the mugs of Republican figures like US President Donald Trump and new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to promote student condoms.

H*yas For Choice, a self-described pro-choice and sex positive organization at Georgetown, has published an image of the winning design in its contraception package competition - packaging depicting hand-drawn renderings of many current prominent US Republicans.

The condoms feature US president Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Vice-president Mike Pence and Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan.

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The tagline of the condoms is: “Use a condom. Don’t you wish their parents had?”, apparently suggesting things would be better had the unwitting political contraception mascots never been born.

Beside each likeness there is also a sardonic comment referencing things such as Kavanaugh’s teary appearance at a Senate hearing for his nomination to the Supreme Court, as well as outlandish claims that went viral about Ted Cruz being the Zodiac killer.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is also lampooned on the condoms for a “drooping” neck.

“Thank you to everyone that send in Condom Rep Design submissions--they were all fantastic,” H*yas For Choice posted on Twitter. It’s unclear whether images of Trump et al will dampen or heighten the desire for campus cavorting.

According to the website, H*yas For Choice is an “anti racist, queer affirming organization working to provide sexual health options for people of all genders.”

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