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16 Oct, 2018 16:58

Cannibal cookies? Student accused of baking grandmother’s ashes and feeding classmates

Cannibal cookies? Student accused of baking grandmother’s ashes and feeding classmates

They say there’s nothing better than grandma’s cooking, but what about cookies made from the ashes of a dead grandmother? Police are investigating reports that a California student fed her classmates ash-laced cookies.

Students at a Da Vinci Charter Academy High School reportedly ate human ashes after a girl brought cookies to school that were made from her grandmother’s cremated remains. WRIC reports at least nine students ate the cookies, and another student is believed to have been involved in the plan.

“This girl is going around telling everyone, basically at this point, that she had brought in these cookies to school with human ashes in them,” an unnamed student from the school told FOX40.

The boy’s parents alerted Fox to the story because they were dissatisfied with how the school handled the incident. According to the family, the school questioned their son and got him to write a statement before telling him “not to tell anyone,” the boy said.

“We take all allegations of wrongdoing seriously and we conduct thorough investigations and involve the police when appropriate,” the school said in a statement. “When wrongdoing is found to have occurred, disciplinary measures are applied and at the same time measures are taken to repair the harm within the community.”

Lt. Paul Doroshov of Davis police confirmed there is an investigation into the incident, but he unsure about whether a crime has been committed because the cookies have yet to be tested.  

“I have not heard of anyone getting sick or anybody being harmed as far as physically, physiologically by this.” he told CBS13. "This is so unconventional, it would take more research."

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