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6 Oct, 2018 17:47

164 arrested at Capitol steps amid desperate attempt to block Kavanaugh confirmation (VIDEOS)

164 arrested at Capitol steps amid desperate attempt to block Kavanaugh confirmation (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of protesters broke through barriers and scaled the steps of the US Capitol ahead of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court vote. Over 160 were arrested as they refused to leave even after he had already been sworn in.

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Images posted online show protesters standing on the steps of the US Capitol, with multiple police officers also seen on the stairs.

Protests against his candidacy intensified after several women accused him of sexual assault in the past. An FBI investigation didn't find any evidence to support these claims and the final showdown is looming in the Senate, with senators expected to vote in his favor.

Allegations of sexual assaults by Kavanaugh from the 1980s have been in the media spotlight for weeks, with American society polarized over his confirmation, especially after Kavanuagh and main accuser Christine Blasey Ford gave emotional testimonies to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

US Capitol police said they have arrested 164 demonstrators on Saturday for unlawful demonstration. Most were detained, charged and released at the Rotunda steps on the east front of the US Capitol, while about a dozen activists were rounded up and removed from several Senate Galleries. 

Hundreds were detained in previous protests this week, including actress and comedian Amy Schumer. 

While the images posted online appear to be from anti-Kavanaugh protesters, Trump took to Twitter to state that "women for Kavanaugh" are turning out to support "this very good man." He earlier said that activists, especially those who cornered senators over their votes, were sponsored by Clinton-supporting billionaire George Soros. 

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