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25 Sep, 2018 04:46

Ted Cruz & wife harangued out of DC restaurant by anti-Kavanaugh protesters (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz & wife harangued out of DC restaurant by anti-Kavanaugh protesters (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his wife have been forced out of a restaurant in Washington, DC, after they were mobbed by a group of anti-Brett Kavanaugh protesters. A video shows people chanting "We believe survivors!"

A video posted on Twitter by Smash Racism DC group shows Cruz and his wife Heidi being encircled by a crowd of agitated activists confronting the Texas Senator about his continued support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who faces at least two allegations of sexual misconduct, dating back decades.

The activists, among them both men and women, are chanting "We believe survivors" in an apparent reference to two women, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. Ford, now a professor in California, claims that Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her at a high school party in 1982. Ramirez, who came forward with allegations against Kavanaugh on Sunday, alleged that Cruz displayed his genitals to her during a dorm party at Yale when they were both drinking as freshmen.

Cruz doesn't seem to pay much attention to the brouhaha around him, saying only "God bless you" in response to the cries. With the protesters showing no intention of calming down and scattering voluntarily, the couple decides to leave what looks like a flashy restaurant while activists keep demanding that Cruz "Vote No on Kavanaugh."

"Cancel Kavanaugh for women's rights. For rights of every marginalized community," a female activist is heard shouting. 

As the Cruzes leave, the protesters celebrate with a round of cheers and applause.

Adding insult to the injury, Smash Racism DC has released a lengthy statement on Twitter, filled with verbal abuse and accusations of racism and sexism against Cruz, Kavanaugh and US President Donald Trump.

“You are not safe. We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others,” the activists wrote, addressing their threat to the Republican trio and “the rest of the racist, sexist, transphobic, and homopbobic right-wing scum.”

Several groups were behind the stunt, including Smash Racism DC, Resist This, DC IWW, DC Democratic Socialists of America, anarchists and LGBTQ activists, the group revealed.

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In a personal swipe at Cruz, the activists blamed him for leading a lavish lifestyle, visitng posh restaurants while the underprivileged are suffering and “migrant children languish in cages” due to Trump's policies.

“No—you can’t eat in peace—your politics are an attack on all of us. You’re votes are a death wish. Your votes are hate crimes,” they wrote.

The incident invokes parallels with a similar incident with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who was booed, heckled and eventually driven out of a Mexican diner in Washington DC in June.

That same month, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was refused service at a Virginia restaurant over her political affiliation to US President Donald Trump.

The incident with Cruz caused many anti-Trump commentators to rejoice.

Conservatives have denounced the attack, with lawyer and radio host Mark Levin calling the incident "truly reprehensible."

Many agreed that in a world of unbiased social media, Smash Racism's Twitter accound would be suspended for harassment.

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