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23 Sep, 2018 19:21

Does Trump admin want to topple him? Nikki Haley says ‘no one ever talked about the 25th amendment’

Does Trump admin want to topple him? Nikki Haley says ‘no one ever talked about the 25th amendment’

No member of the White House administration ever questioned Donald Trump’s ability as the US president or discussed removing him from the office, the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley said when asked about the Rod Rosenstein leak.

“I’m there almost every other week and I can tell you never has anyone talked about the 25th amendment, never has anyone even questioned the president’s mental stability or anything,” Haley told ABC on Sunday when asked if the cabinet had any discussion about invoking the amendment that particularly allows a president to be removed from office due to his inability to serve.

Haley also said that she personally has “never been part of it” and has “never heard it.” The US ambassador to the UN added that she has no reasons to believe that it “is a reality at all among all of the cabinet members” and branded any such rumors “absurd.”

The latest White House scandal stems from a piece published by the New York Times, which claimed that the US Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, allegedly suggested secretly recording Trump so as to impeach him under the 25th amendment. The article also said that Rosenstein sought to enlist AG Jeff Sessions and the former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who is now the White House chief of staff, to help him remove Trump from office.

The Times cited memos by the Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe as one of its sources. Both McCabe and Rosenstein distanced themselves from this report. The deputy AG also called it “inaccurate and factually incorrect.”

However, Trump himself seemed to be unnerved by the explosive report as he vowed to rid the Justice Department of “lingering stench” following the publication.

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